Sunpark Global Impex is the one of the leading exporters for Basmati & Non Basmati Rice to worldwide. Our rice is well appreciated for its quality, taste and aroma.

"We are committed to keep-up our words for delivering the quality products on time".

"Our business policy is focusing on volume and NOT BIG Margin.  This is the key reason for our success and our buyers are always behind us even for new products not in our Profile.  As a result, we are growing along with our buyers".

Our Basmati rice has great welcome wherever we export because of its flavour and the length after cooking.

Basmati, the Queen of Rice is well known for its best aroma and length. We stick on to the specification that we commit on Purity, Length, etc. After cooking the rice grain elongates to twice its original length. The quality of the rice completes full taste of your Biriyani, Pulao and any other dish that you make out of it.